First Call - Emergency Response Phones

First Call - Emergency Response Phones

Personal Emergency Reporting System

Linear Emergency Response Device

As we grow older, we find ourselves becoming more concerned about personal safety and the safety of our elderly parents. We all want to enjoy the independence that we've worked so hard to earn.

Safety is certainly important, but so is independence. Seniors want to be on their own and to live in their own homes. They also don't want to be a burden to their loved ones. With the Personal Emergency Reporting System (PERS) offered by Calhoun County REC, seniors can remain at home, independent, safe and secure.

How the PERS Device Works

Should an elderly or disabled customer become ill or fall, he/she can call for immediate help by pressing the emergency button on the PERS transmitter (worn on the wrist or around the neck).

When activated, the PERS device  immediately calls the cooperative monitoring station where trained professional dispatchers will be in two-way voice contact with the customer requesting assistance. Important information about the customer is displayed at the monitoring station allowing the dispatcher to determine the nature of the call and take the appropriate action. With the PERS device , help in an emergency is just moments away!

Emergency Features:

• High Quality Two-Way Voice is Important in an Emergency because: • More information can be gathered about the emergency • False alarms are reduced • Dispatcher can give assurance to the individual during emergency situations

• Waterproof Transmitter - Worn on the wrist or around the neck • Activity Monitoring - If the resident's PERS device is inactive for a programed period of time (12, 18 or 24 hours), the device sends an alarm. By pushing the 'away' button, activity monitoring can be temporarily disabled

• Daily Reminders - The device beeps at a programed time to remind the user of appointments, medication times etc. • Rechargeable backup Battery - Protects against short-term power failure (up to six hours) Telephone Features: • Visual Ringing - Keypad flashes to alert the hearing impaired

• Memory Keys - For one-touch dialing of frequently called numbers • Large Back-lit Keypad - Easy to see, even in the dark

• Handset and Speakerphone Volume Controls • Ringer Pitch and Volume Control • Hearing Aid Compatible Handset • Will Monitor up to 200 feet

Leasing the PERS device costs about the same as buying a daily cup of coffee!

Peace of mind, security and independence... who else but Calhoun County REC could provide all this?


Installation Fee: $35.00 plus tax
Monthly Phone Lease & Monitoring Fee: $25.00 plus tax

On the 28th of each month you will be billed for the following month's service.

To subscribe, click on the following link:  LEASE AGREEMENT


For more information about the PERS device, contact:
Keaton Hildreth or  Lonnie Holder

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1015 Tonawanda St.
Rockwell City IA 50579
712-297-7112 or 800-821-4879

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